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5 tips for effective sprint demos by distributed teams

What is a sprint demo? Agile teams using Scrum work in a time box called a sprint to get software built early and often. A meeting is held at the end of each sprint with the whole team including product owner and anyone else who would like to attend. The goals of the demo are…

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Options for team task board when one team member remote

A new client of mine new to Agile has the entire team located in one office except for one person, a DBA living in Texas, one time zone away. I want the local team to benefit from having a highly visible team task board, which usually means cards/stickies posted on the wall like the picture…

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Challenges Distributed Agile Teams Face, and Ways to Overcome Them

Notes taken from Agile 2008 sessions on distributed Agile: “What Makes Distributed Agile Projects Succeed (or Fail)?” workshop by Chris Sims and Panel discussion on troubleshooting distributed agile team projects Things panel found most surprising about distributed Agile (DA) There are people at the other side! DA can work well once the proper process and…

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